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We are excited to announce that Michael, of Launceston, has been crowned the winner of our blog competition! In his entry, Michael regales the story of his adventures on Flinders Island.  

We'd like to thank everyone who submitted an entry. We look forward to sharing a few of our favourites over the coming weeks! 

Check out his entry below...

See a mountain, have to climb it! That's pretty much how our 5 day summer holiday to Flinders Island began.

After a short and very scenic flight with Sharp Airlines from Launceston, with our very capable and friendly pilot Sam at the controls, we arrived at Whitemark airport. Before we even land though, there it was, right there out our window beaconing us as we started our approach to the runway.

In no time at all we had picked up our hire car and headed south. When we arrived at our accommodation at Lacotta, located only a couple of hundred metres from the beach, we were greeted by large living room windows looking directly at Mt Strzelecki. It was perfectly framed and appeared to be begging us to climb it and this was before we had even sat down! While we settled in to our house the mountain continued to seemingly taunt us from our comfy deck chairs. We took some time to admire the stunning location teaming with wildlife while sipping a glass of wine or two. We decided to let the mountain wait for us for a couple of days while we explored the rest of the island with its stunning beaches and views. 

After a couple days of sightseeing, adjusting our body clocks to island life and perfecting the one finger wave for oncoming cars, it was time to climb! A nice find at the start of the walk was a selection of walking sticks placed against the track sign by other hikers. We found some that suited us and after registering our details we headed off. The track passes through different types of vegetation including some large ferns. We wouldn't say it's a technically difficult walk but it's relentless in its steepness apart from some respite at the saddle. The views from the top however are well worth the aching legs because you get a 360 degree view of Flinders Island from up there. We had the most perfect weather to do it too, no clouds and no wind! We stayed up there for lunch and took in the magnificent views. 

After returning to our car we headed for home but instead drove straight past our accommodation and went for a swim at Trousers Point beach to cool off. It’s such a stunning location and we had it all to ourselves. It was a great day and were pretty happy with our efforts, so it was off to the pub for dinner to celebrate. The meals were very tasty and huge and the beer icy cold! It really topped off a perfect day in paradise.

We had a wonderful few days on Flinders Island, our time there too short. As we flew back to Launceston there was that mountain again seemingly whispering something to us. We think it might have been saying ‘come on, you can do it again’.

Until next time!


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